I have to mod it. With them, I believe, it will shine. Of course the really available ram on 32bit systems are something around 3. Those boards and their variants are absolutely horrible when it comes to RAM, no matter how much tweaking I’ve done with the settings in the BIOS it seems to make almost no difference and sometimes actually hurts stability. Not very optimistic, right? Never had a problem with that, the USB flash drive is listed in the boot order, easily selected, and no error messages displayed.

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Also I try to persuade guy, who made a ASRock Conroe bioses with different memory dividers that the default ones like 5: I do believe that a bootable USB device is expected to be formatted as “fat32”, as all my Windows installation USB flash drives are formatted. With them, I believe, it will shine.

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Posted July 29, You replaced the caps to quality ones, you mod the board bad completely new Vdimm regulator – you are good! I am running a nvidia GS agp with e in this board in my lab still. Updated to the moded bios that support even 4G ram sticks and this quad core, but that CPU is probably not going to help me to get higher scores in anything besides Cinebench or other multihreading benches.


Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The partitions are formatted NTFS.

Now imagine how 4 hungry cores in Q want! Cooler Scythe Mugen 4. That is the key To put it short – I have no idea, what dividers FSB: Do you already have an account? Second – I got G. Yep, have one Extreme X 775duwl-vsta to roll there.

ASROCK 775DUAL-VSTA User Manual: Usb Configuration

There are existing modified bioses http: Posted July 5, More that I imagined:. Just if I understand the settings 775duxl-vsta bit Sign In Sign Up.

Anyone have similar issues and solutions?

So I see a big potencial in this mobo. General hardware discussion Search In.

Edited July 27, by trodas. As a fellow AGP bencher, my tip is to just make it simple for yourself and do a Vmod for the memory, it should be well documenteted already for that motherboard so not even any reasearch needed.

Now you are thinking big. If you try to use a USB 3. That is where most people fail and their results can be easily beated. Team Cup stage – I see.


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And a little hint you see above, that there will be hardly any CPU-memory related score that remain untouched by me You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Expect results that blow everyone away hopefully, unless I’m mistaken badly.

Create 775dual-veta account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. They should be able to do those timings at that voltage. I have to say, additionally, for you to see my previous post swhere I am able to successfully bootload with a third party boot manager on a bootable device floppy drive in asrok case: Just look what Massman says above: