Receive our Free Golf Tips! What is your swing weight? Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. I put my set together on a matching MoI, so my swing weights get gradually heavier with the shorter clubs. Register a new account. What’d You Shoot Today? No matter where you add the lead tape to, the actual weight of the club will be same weight in grams.

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Making Sense of Swingweight

And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? How would I even know what to look for, adjust, or measure it? I have never underestimated the importance of swing weight. To decrease, you’d need to get into pulling the heads and seeing if any tip weights were used that could be removed or possibly swingweght more drastic means to reduce head weight. Now imagine swinging the 3-iron with the lead tape first on the clubhead, then on the middle of the shaft, and then on the grip.

Originally Posted by Brooke The local shop gives a day return for creditso I’m going to try going light. What’d You Shoot Today?


Santiago Golf, on 16 June – I always shake and take off my hat and never wear a hat indoors. Down swingweiight toe line.

All will be appreciated. With only lead tape, you may be limited by the heaviest club you have since you’ll only really be able to increase head weight. The swing weight will be at the top of the column.

Making Sense of Swingweight – How To Break 80

This holds swingaeight whether your club possess standard weight or lightweight shafts. It really depends on the golfer as to whether or not counterweighting alone will work. The local shop gives a day return for creditso I’m going to try going light. A inch fulcrum was selected.

Understanding Swingweight Specs | franklygolf

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. Swingweights are match point. I am purchasing a swingweight scale and some lead tape and going for it.

Each club manufactured is weighed and labeled. I take it this is because with the shorter swimgweight, you take less of a “full shot”? If you played golf with only one club, swingweight would not matter much. Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box?


A club with a swingweight that measures D5, for example, will feel heavier when swung than a club with a swingweight that measures C7, even though their actual weights may be identical. Your fairway wood probably weighs in total about grams. I know a fitting is the answer, but being a tinkerer, i’m trying to get a good idea to do it swihgweight. I supposed you could shave a good 90 swingwelght off with an ultralight graphite shaft and a ultralite grip but that’s about it right.

Can someone explain swing weight? Personally, low D range with lightweight shafts doesn’t work for me.

You currently have javascript disabled. Golfsmith did major testing on counterweighting about five years ago. Posted April 16, Not something that can realistically be done ‘the first time’ if you have not already been fit for SW.