The smaller you set the buffer settings the less latency in Sonar. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 3. I suggest you step very carefully through the instructions again as this device should be really easy to set up. No problems whatsoever in 64 bit or 32 bit for OS I see the meters in Sonar going no sound.

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By default Sonar’s Normal template has the Audio tracks routed to Master. I have not tried more You should see something like this I use it with the new MacBook dsormais UniBody has turned toujors impeccable!!

Edirol UA-101 Issues

I bet your master bus isnt directed to your main outs 1 and 2. Very good value for money. Value No complaints, it is not perfect but for the price nothing to repeat that good. Ua-11 also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 5. The small notebook of time a P4 morfler a bit, but it will be out.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Help, to configure ASIO MODE with Edirol UA

Because if you do not use asio drivers properly with Hauptwerk and the UA at The smaller you set the buffer settings the less latency in Sonar. Mic and bass or bass plus 3 synths. Wavelab and Nuendo used on, or even Cooledit V I never used other models for now. The manufacturing quality seems to be good, the sound is excellent no buzz or hum except with preamps at max. I used to play uz-101 a classical organ of that I converted in MIDI The firm has an original sound speaker sub-woofer and 2 other 15 inch 10 inch is also connected with the UA through my Rotel amp.


Edirol / Roland UA Interface UA B&H Photo Video

Next, Click Options Audio: The simplicity of all, it’s roland, solid, and good quality Least not find, oh if output monitor, it would have been in good taste to put two stereo XLR and jack By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. However, there is more CPU overhead and you may get pops and clicks. Is there something I missed in setting this up? I now have to figure out what the sound quality audio and synths crackels and pops and is poor.

Installation is super simple and the sound is really great! You could try using WDM as your driver mode.

Page 33 of the UA manual is really quite explicit in describing the setup for Sonar. Essentials Only Full Version.

Yup, bet CJ is correct. So it allows me to process my voice with my Micromodular without having to turn the computer on!


Here’s some screen shots of my audio options for the Edirol FA Not really tested the number of tracks recordable and readable at the same time, it must be pretty huge because of the limited activity of the CPU when I read a dozen stores and two!

Or if you mean you can not select aso UA as a driver, ASIO only allows for one device, so uncheck any others that appear and the UA should become available. If you can see levels for your Edirol Ua-1001 inputs in Sonar most likely you just need to assign the outputs to the output on the Edirol UA where your speakers are connected.

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If Windows trys to access the UA while using Sonar you can get lock ups, deirol if the sample rates don’t match. I use the Hauptwerk software that runs it well. I read the manual and the tutorial file and did everything it said Obviously I missed something integral here. My Edirol FA does not have one either so just ignore that part.