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USB 2861 Device, list of drivers

Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites. For kicks and giggles i tried all 4 usb input’s on back and all 5 281 front and none of them worked for the Capture Card. The opulence of solid-state drives in PC market promotes for a sufficient supply to all potential customers. I’ve also downloaded and installed the latest udb from the last link above, which is provided by Roxio, with no dice, either.

Here is a link to look at that might help you http: In addition, you can find a driver for a specific device by using search by id or by name. Usb Driver Unavailable Asked by swatch. I’ve actually downloaded and installed this in my previous attempts to resolve the “driver-less” issue with no luck.

eMPIA Technology

Ysb, seeing that it is now a bona-fide suggestion, I’ve re-downloaded it and ran the installation again. The hardware might be still functional, it’s just that the appropriate driver to use the hardware is somehow not being set up properly. I was going to return the unit to the store tomorrow for a refund, but figured that I’d give Roxio Support the benefit of empiaa me out with this before I go that far.


Thanks again for suggesting stuff for me to try. I’ve read-through the detailed installation instructions in your link and have since removed all traces of Easy VHS to DVD from my computer and re-installed it from scratch. In any case, I chose to Repair, just in case the default Roxio driver install from the CD was damaged somehow.

Make sure it’s properly supported and the connected wires aren’t pulling the device out, not making a proper connection. Edited March 30, by swatch. The PSU case can store up to 4 3. Sorry to be so long-winded, but I just want the support team to know what I’ve already tried. Register a new account. However, they require the USB capture device to be plugged in for proper installation.

An up-to-date half aluminum, half glass design by Lian Li fits to the conventional tower proportions. Check under the Details tab too. Windows found the driver! All the drives are developed in 2. Everything that was installed is still on my computer. Any last-ditch suggestions before I return the package to the place I bought it from? Is all that I need to do is install the USB driver?


A pop-up keeps showing whenever I plug-in the device stating that “Found USB Device” after software completes install. Please Read before downloading: Gigabyte GA-XUD5 falls under this category of motherboards and is a perfect alternative for customers with specific requirements and average wages. After downloading your suggested driver package, decompressing it, then running the setup. Started up the Roxio Capture util and just did a test capture of some Indiana Jones thing I recorded when I was a kid.

I followed the steps he did when had “success” but that didn’t work.

I’ll not have to return this unit. But I didn’t give up.

During my investigations thanks to Jim’s troubleshooting walkthrough that showed the device’s manufacturerI’ve googled any possible USB driver downloads for eMPIA and just get links to sites that want me to install their malware.