If an error will occur in writing the data, the printer executes the memory error process. The near-end sensor will be provided by user. If a not-supported memory switch number is selected out of a , this command is ignored. Refer to Figure 3. A macro can be executed r times r specifies the number of times to execute the macro within the specified definition range.

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This command sets values independently in each mode standard and page modes.

The ESC c 5 command enables or disables the panel buttons. In standard mode, this command is effective only when there is no data in the print buffer. This command defines n as the number of a NV bit image. This command is stored in the receive buffer first from the host, then executed in the execution process of other normal commands. Effective only in the parallel interface model Table 3. China 80mm thermal printer China kiosk thermal printer China thermal printer auto cutter.

80mm Thermal printer head + control panel EPSON M-T BA-T – China

Enabled only when data is not present in the printer buffer. Repeated operations and copy printing are possible using macro definitions.


When in macro execution standby, the FEED button is enabled regardless of the setting of baa command. Specifies to disable or enable the automatic-data-loading process at the initial setting. B of this specification. The paper roll end va detects a paper end. Paper roll near-end sensor: You must then return or destroy the information, as directed by Seiko Epson. When the receive buffer becomes full while transmitting bit-image data, DLE EOT sent while bit-image data is processed is considered bit-image data.

The printer is not connected or the internal wiring is not connected correctly. Paper roll near-end sensor disabled. When this command is input …. We own the dust-free workshop about square meters. When the BM epaon is enabled, the printer will feed paper by mark paper unit. After detecting the BM, the BM is not detected for approximately 2cm.

Transmit data Hex Decimal Number of data 37H 55 1 byte? The command is available only with a parallel interface and is ignored with a serial interface.

When either bit 1 is on, the printer selects the paper roll near-end sensor for the paper sensor to stop printing.


Excessive humidity and dust may cause equipment damage, fire, or shock. If an error will occur in writing the data, the printer executes the memory epsoj process. This command does not affect printing in page mode.

USB Kiosk Thermal Printer with BA-T500 Controller Board

Double-height mode not selected. Provides important information on setting and using the printer command, if necessary. Therefore, the printer clears the receive and print buffers, and resets all settings user-defined characters, downloaded bit images, macros, and the character style to the mode that was in effect at power on. The horizontal starting buffer position does not move. In this mode, the printer operates flul power consumption as low as possible.

Data exceeding 32 tab positions is processed as normal data.

This command is set by Memory Switch in a parallel interface model. This command affects printing in standard mode. GS F, FF, 3.