Threw a NumberFormatException before. I bought the i-net driver – do I employ the correct version? Why is it that the i-net SQL Server driver seems to be slower than other drivers in my tests? If you look in the file TdsConnection. This charset option needs to be compatible with the codepage of the SQL Server. You’ll see the request that you just made in there. You cannot modify rows in the cursor result set.

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Those Connection can be received from:. Therefore you can set all or only some properties e. We have tested named pipes only with the Win32 VM from Sun.

If you want to use these values in Java then contact the support.

You use a JDBC 2. This subprotocol has a very good support for the nXXX data types. With the default values you can create a maximum of 33 sockets per second. For restore that, you have to executed the Statement again. Contact us by email. With SQL Server or higher, the first call of method rollback did not work correctly if the transaction was already rolled back from the SQL Server after a deadlock detection. This is not helpful. This doesn’t work for execute or executeUpdate.


You can test the availability of a character set with: After the timeout not all idle connections were closed. The issue that the driver could hang for some time after a protocol violation in executeQuery was fixed.

You should test without scrolling through the ResultSet. The driver checks the required JDBC 2. The methods of DatabaseMetadata with the catalog parameter now returns the correct result instead of an Exception if the catalog parameter is different from the Connection catalog.

Thank you very much for your collaboration. To save national characters with this columns you need to use the character N. Available options are jdbc3jdbc4 and odbc. If a SP call was prepared then the first call did not return a output parameter. You have use the methods execute and getResultSet. You can make the following test: It could occur with scrollable ResultSets if the table had no primary key. If you use your own Java serialization then the best solution is to use getBytes and not getObject.


TdsDriver The name of the pooled driver is: If you do not set the charset then the driver will detect the codepage from the SQL Server. Set the mode with which the API requests the status of a connection.

i-net JDBC Drivers for MS SQL Server

Since our drivers are known to be among the very fastest they might be more vulnerable to the deadlock problem. Improve support for java.

hdbc If you use the single byte data types varchar, char or text there are problems. The problem is a function of: A Bug, that DatabaseMetaData.

General FAQ for all i-net JDBC drivers for MS SQL Server

Use the following SQL statements instead with single quotation:. Patent since version 6. If you have problems with the driver then you can enable the logging of the driver.