Ethernet fiber, copper, RJ45, etc prior to removing the relay from the chasis. The protection relay chassis used with a draw out relay is available separately, for use as a partial replacement or in test environments. It also allows detection of back feed of fault current from feeders with motors. Trigger source inputs per element: With several Ethernet and serial port options, and a variety of protocols, the provides advanced and flexible communication selections for new and existing energy management , SCADA, and DCS systems. This technology ensures high reliability and availability of communication networks by providing redundancy and zero reconfiguration time in the event of a failure. Co-existing forward and reverse Polarizing:

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Device Number Logical Node Description The protocols supported by the include: The EnerVista suite provides all the tools to monitor the status of the protected asset, maintain the ussb, and integrate the information measured into DCS or SCADA monitoring systems.

Enhanced Diagnostics Preventative Maintenance The allows users to track relay exposure to extreme environmental conditions by monitoring and alarming at high ambient temperatures. If an error occurs or one of the paths goes down, the frame travelling through that path will not reach its destination, but its copy remains intact and will reach the desired destination. The entire feeder protection setup can be completed in one easy step.

Basic Metering Metered values include: This provides the information required to determine sequence of events which facilitates diagnosis of relay operation. Ten button keypad for access to device interrogation and change of multi,in. GE reserves the right to make changes to specifications of products described at any time without notice and without obligation to notify any person of such changes.


Reduced Life Cycle Cost The is designed to reduce total installation and life ueb cost for feeder protection. When the keypad and display are not being multi,in, the metering summary page is displayed to ksb critical metered values. Instantaneous Overcurrent Phase, Ground, Neutral The instantaneous element provides fast clearance of high magnitude faults to prevent damage to the power infrastructure and the equipment connected to it.

Effortless Retrofit The small and compact enables multiple relays to be mounted side multilim side on medium voltage panels. Additional user programmable flex curves can be used to customize and meet specific coordination requirements. The LED indications are color coded to indicate the type of event.

The relay stores up to events time tagged to the nearest millisecond. Directional Overcurrent Phase This element is intended to send a directional signal to an overcurrent element to prevent an operation when current is flowing in a particular direction.


This protection mulyilin is essential to ensure the longevity of electrical feeders; particularly important to prevent premature cable failures, expensive repair costs and system down time. Advanced Communications The incorporates the latest communication technologies making it the easiest and the most flexible feeder protection relay for use and integration into new and existing infrastructures.

Multilin Relay

The can be used with reducing collars when the depth of LV compartment is limited. The Uwb suite is an industry leading set of software programs that simplifies every aspect of using the relay. Voltage interruptionand Ripple DC: The also offers enhanced features such as uxb, monitoring and diagnostics, preventative maintenance, advanced communications and security.


EnerVista Software The EnerVista suite is an industry leading set of software programs that simplifies every aspect of using the relay. Trigger source inputs per element: Separate passwords are supported for remote and local operators, and separate access levels support changing of setpoints or sending commands.

Sixteen logic elements available for applications such as manual control, interlocking and peer to peer tripping. Sixteen logic elements available for applications such as manual multulin, interlocking, and peer to peer tripping.

The draw out relay with no chassis is also available to order as 3500 spare unit. Neutral Directional The Neutral Directional element is used to discriminate between faults that occur in the forward direction, and faults that occur in the reverse direction. Ethernet fiber, copper, RJ45, etc prior to removing the relay from the chasis.

Event types are individually maskable in order to avoid the generation of undesired Trace any setting changes with security audit trail GEDigitalEnergy. Additionally, the device provides essential feeder breaker control features such as cold load pick up blocking, breaker failure, synchrocheck and autoreclose.

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Retrofit is smooth and simplified with minor wiring or switchgear modifications. Switching between setting groups 1 and 2 can be done by means of a setting, a communication command or contact input activation.

This cost-effective relay also offers enhanced features such as diagnostics, preventative maintenance, arc flash mitigation and security.